Museums and galleries:
  • Espace Paul Rebeyrolle - Located in Eymoutiers, this art centre displays 40 of Rebeyrolle's representative works
    and has regular temporary exhibitions featuring other artists.
  • Adrien Dubouche Museum - Based in Limoges, this museum has a lovely art deco exterior and houses
    outstanding, ceramic, porcelaine and enamel collections from all over the world.
  • Museum of Fine Arts - Located next to the cathedral in Limoges, this newly-refurbished museum has some
    remarkable collections which are well worth a visit (the enamels are particularly amazing).  Free entry to the main
  • Vassiviere Contemporary Arts Centre - Based on the Ile de Vassiviere, the centre houses a succession of
    temporary exhibitions.  The tower next to the arts centre, with its spiral staircase inside to the viewing platform at the
    top, offers fabulous views of the island and lake.  Don't miss the sculpture trail through the woods on the island.  It's
    an easy walk with beautiful scenery and many exhibits to be discovered along the way.  
  • Tapestry Museum - Based in Aubusson, the museum exhibits over 600 years of tapestry creation and production.

Local markets and sightseeing:
  • Markets - Local markets are integral to French life and most reasonably sized villages and towns will have a
    regular market day.  There is a list of local markets on the noticeboard at the cottage.  The twice-weekly Peyrat
    market is generally very small, but nearby Bourganeuf and Eymoutiers both have much larger markets each week.  
    A nice day trip is a visit to the huge monthly market at Croisille sur Briance (on the 18th of every month) in the
    morning and then on to the nearby site of Mont Gargan (see below) for a picnic and a pleasant walk.
  • Prettiest villages - The Limousin has its fair share of the prettiest villages in France and here are a few worth a day
    trip: Collange-la-Rouge, Curemonte, Mortemart, Saint-Robert, Segur le Chateau and Turenne.
  • Oradour sur Glane - Oradour sadly became famous in June 1944 when its inhabitants became martyrs. The
    memorial village and museum is a witness to the barbarity of war.
  • Mont Gargan - Located at St Gilles les Forets, about 30 minutes south of Peyrat, Mont Gargan is 731 metres high
    and was an important place for the French Resistance.  Fierce battles took place there between the Maquis fighters
    and the Germans.  It's now a beautiful place for a walk and a picnic with wonderful views and the memorial plaques
    and chapel ruins are well-worth a look.
  • Les Cascades des Jarrauds - At nearby St Martin Chateau, a pretty walk brings you to an impressive collection of
    cascades at the site of an old water mill.

Other websites for general regional information:
"Good watersports at Lake Vassiviere for teenagers and an interesting art centre on
the island.  Something for everyone."
Mr and Mrs O, July '06
If you fancy a bit of activity whilst on holiday at the cottage, whether it's something exciting or culturally stimulating, you'll be spoilt
for choice.
This page gives a selection of the activities available to you and there are numerous leaflets and maps available at the cottage for you to browse through.  The tourist
information office in Peyrat also offers lots more information and assistance.   
Outdoor activities:
  • Mountain biking - This is a very popular past-time in the area and you will very often see the 'VTT' signs on tracks
    and trails in many of the woods.  Some routes are provided at the cottage but many more are available from the
    tourist office. Two adult mountain bikes are available at the cottage for use by guests, but there is also a bike hire
    service available in the region: Bike Hire Direct.
  • Hiking - There is an abundance of well-signposted tracks and trails in the area and numerous routes and maps
    are provided at the cottage.  If you're feeling very energetic, a newly completed 30km walking circuit of Lake
    Vassiviere (Le Sentier de Rives) will take you all day, unless you take a short-cut back with one of the free summer
    water taxis!
  • Cycling - The roads in the Limousin are mainly traffic free and so attract many cyclists.  The variety of hills and
    valleys provide enjoyable cycling for all abilities.  The circuit of Lake Vassiviere was a famous time trial route for the
    Tour de France and takes about an hour and a half to complete for 'normal' cyclists.
  • Watersports - Lake Vassiviere is the centre for watersports in the region and offers a range activities for the whole
    family, including: sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, swimming and even pedalo hire!  Website: Lake Vassiviere
  • Fishing - With all the lakes in the region, a keen fisherman will be spoilt for choice but a good place to start would
    be on your doorstep at Peyrat lake, which is a popular spot and is restocked annually.  Website: Federation peche
  • Canoeing/kayaking - There are two rivers passing through the region, La Maulde and La Vienne, and there are a
    number of places, in addition to Lake Vassiviere, where you can get involved in organised canoe or kayak
    excursions.  The nearest site is on the river at Eymoutiers.  Website:  Canoe Kayak d'Eymoutiers
  • Pony trekking/horse riding - With all the wonderful countryside surrounding the cottage, what better way to see it
    than from horseback.  The nearest equestrian centre is just down the road in Peyrat and Villards offer facilities for
    all ages and abilities from just an hour to an entire day in the saddle.  Website: Villards Equestrian Farm

Sporting activities:
  • Boule/petanque - There is a boule court next to the parking area at Peyrat lake.
  • Golf - There are a number of golf courses in the region, with the closet being in Bourganeuf, about a 20-minute
    drive from the cottage.  Whilst most places provide clubs and balls for hire, there are two sets of golf clubs in the loft
    bedroom at the cottage, one left-handed and one right-handed.  This website lists all the golf courses in the region:
    Golf Today.
  • Table tennis - There is an all-weather table tennis table down at the lakeside directly in front of the cottage.  Bats
    and balls are provided at the cottage.
  • Football - There's a five-a-side pitch up behind the cottage if you fancy a more competitive 'kick about' with
  • Basketball - The five-a-side pitch is dual purpose and also has basketball hoops.

Adventure/theme parks:
  • Arbre en Arbre - An exciting tree-top adventure park on the edge of Lake Vassiviere. It offers 91 activities with 7
    different level courses for the whole family.
  • Giant maze (Labyrinthe Geant) - This 2.2 hectare maze near Gueret has 4.5km of alleyways! Here nature is shaped
    into various traps and a simple walk becomes a giant treasure hunt for visitors of all ages.
  • Vulcania - Based near Clermont Ferrand, Vulcania features underground tours and film shows exploring the story
    of volcanos.  Adults and children can take part, explore and discover the park and all the exhibits are designed to
    give a sense of discovery. Audio guides in English are available free of charge.  As Clermont Ferrand is about a two-
    hour drive from Peyrat so make the most of the trip with a  walk up nearby Puy de Dome too as the views from the
    summit are truly fantastic.
  • Feeriland - Based in Veyrac this is an interactive, fun and instructive place to visit the land of miniatures with giant
    historical or imaginary models.
  • La Cite des Insectes - Explore the facinating world of insects at this entomological museum in Nedde.
  • Aquarium du Limousin - Based in Limoges the aquarium exhibits the fabulous diversity of inhabitants from the
    earth's furthest oceans and mightiest rivers.
  • Le Parc du Reynou - Based in Le Vigen near Limoges, this wild animal park is home to over 550 animals from five
    continents, living in semi-captivity.
  • Wolf wildlife park - This wildlife park near Gueret provides the chance to see wolves in their natural habitat.  A visit at
    feeding time is the most interesting!
One of the local markets
Quiet roads, ideal for cycling
Sailing on Lake Vassiviere
Canoeing on Peyrat lake
Feeding time at the Wolf Park near Gueret
Chapel ruins at the top of Mont Gargan
Paragliding from the top of Puy de Dome
"Plenty to do around here...Lake Vassiviere is really lovely with good water sports.  Lots of good
bike rides and walks."  
Mr and Mrs B, July '09
"The biggest thrill was the Chagall
exhibition in Eymoutiers at the
Espace Paul Rebeyrolle gallery just
outside town."
Mrs J, June '09
"Great location. Several carp and tench caught in the lake and river. Excellent fireworks on the 14th
and jazz band on the 15th. Thanks for the use of the bikes."
Mr and Mrs K, July '16
"Late mornings, lazy days, Lake Vassiviere and swinging through the trees at Arbre en Arbre
and our own personal meteor shower - all from this lovely  house - finished our holiday in perfect style."
Mr and Mrs E, August '16